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Fifty6 | Slowjam

aww it was quite hot yesterday ahaha. school was alright fuck ms wong kept telling me off for talking me made me move LOL T__T i swear it wasnt my fault for talking :( the rest of the day was bludge and it was just er a bit boring until BOWLING ! that is (H) awww yeah haha, duyen, sherena, felicia, vanessa & me all went over to vanessa's house for like 20 mins getting ready and changing and we left around 4 to maccas, we ate and drank and left to go amf. i got a bit moody before when i recieved a text but then i just tied to forget about it cos u know why ? i was single for the day baby muahaha 8)

it was quite fun :) LOL i freaking suck at bowling and i figured out why T__T i was using a fucking 12 ball the whole time i onnly used it cos it was blue LMAO like wtf i picked up the green 6 ball and i was holy fuck so light ! i was gunna break my freaking arm throwing that 12 ball . anyways felicia was taking photos of everyone and omg vanessa & lawerance are soo cute ^^ haha. omg & wendy was so good, she even beat me & felicia at bowling ! after the game was done duyen went home and we all went over to the other side and sherena decided to play a skilltester and won on the FIRST go and got this reaaaally cute tiger thingy .. LOL aww ^^ she tried another like 2 times, failed HAHA

alan stayed with us for a while ^^ cos his friends had to leave and then we all went over to ddr for sherena to play . 4 people for each arrow LOL so crammed. we went back to maccas afterwards and i think alan went home and mel, sherena and megan stayed at some furniture store waiting for sherena's dad . saw tony there HAHA he gave us some cheap coffee and i didnt even freaking order it but it was alright haha i got some icecream and me and vanessa and felicia had to go so we said bye, vanessa walked home and me & felicia walked back to station, she was bloated & i was gunna die off icecream LOL

when i went home, i helped my mum out a bit with her work & i got a bit moody around like 10 . i really felt like i didnt care anymore like "do whatever" but then after when i got off i started to miss him a lot and i would most likely see him at formal and hopefully this will be worth getting in trouble for.

Play me a slowjam, play it tonight

- Redd Stylez


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