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Fifty5 | All Yours

LOL today @ geo was freaking hilarious ! i forgot was exactly happened but there was this one time i was giving shane an "omg T_T" look and felicia turned around while talking and she cracked up at my face HAHA . i remember me & vanessa were cracking up in geo LOL and we did that thing with out hands where u & someone else links hands and when one of them open their hands it looks like a birth canal :) LMAO we were all cracking up, but since i didnt get a turn to actualy look at i was like ... wanna do it again ? vanessa was like oh u're dirty HAHA

i went into ms wong's class again and like me & nat were talking and listening to my ipod & then ms wong goes "CAROLINE. are u doing maths next year ? did u change to 2 unit maths ?" full telling me off to go to my class, but i convinced mr thano (H) hehehe im staying bitches LMAO 8)

@lunch felicia was being a nagging bitch to vanessa and lawerance HAHAHA i was also feeling omg kill me T__T . they wouldnt take a photo & felicia was persuading them & i was sitting in the middle of this ... omg LOL dont u feel sorry for me ? felicia was freaking screaming and i full cracked up when she was like "im leaving in 32 days" HAHAHA blackmail now aye ? even after she said that, they still didnt take the picture LOL then mel joined in haha . i tried doing that hand thing with lawerance but his hands were too big so i gave up .

omg when i went home my computer was stuffed and i have to reformatt again and shit . i am like fucking pmsing as well & i didnt go woolies for like a week so i have no food, my sister's the biggest bitch & its like 28389734529 degrees.

hopefully i`d be able to go to amf this thursday . im meant to go city this sunday with my cousin to take caps but fuck im not paying for like half a sheet of paper HAHA . omg like a week and a half till freaking formal ... T_T ughhh LOL i dont feel like going cos i have no shoes but i guess i`d have to rock up in either flats or converses.
btw thanks felicia for telling me bout this song <3

Girl its all on me baby it's all yours, wherever you are, i told you its here for you

- Taj Jackson


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