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fucccck why so hot for ? D:
anyway yesterday was um sefton's formal :D it was um kind of boring at first but when we got inside it was relaxing and fun :)

well i went to see felicia first i was running late cos of my sister :@ and she straightened my hair & partially curled it LOL . we were both late, she had to go see mark and i had to go see richard so we bolted out of the house to the corner of the street. we saw david & i went off with richard & david back to richard's house. we both got ready & got changed i was just gunna go in my black heels but i changed my mind (THANKGOD ! i would've fucking died in an hour in those heels) we waited at sefton train station for around 45 mins. i saw delia & crystal :) fuck i saw ben LOL fucking extensions as sideburns like wtfff ! anyways the bus ride was fucking boring but i had a chance to catch up with crystal hehe.

the traffic in the city was soo ughhh like seriously stuck in one street for more than 5 mins. we waited outside the room for like fucking 30 mins and everyone was taking photos, every girl had their camera out except me LMAO and u know what sucks ? I DIDNT EVEN TAKE ONE FUCKING PHOTO T_T i was meeting new people and saying hi and shit and joining in photos. we finally went inside at like 7.40 . entree was ew, main was alright, cake was fucking yum LOL i spent like most of my time beside richard :) hehe <3

the formal ended at 11 and my sister came to pick me up and she met richard. my feet were hurting so bad and when we got in the car and kieran was driving she started fucking screamin at me and acting like my mum and acting as if im soo unappreciative of her like i didnt ask her to do shit for me, it's her choice and she fucking went off at me and i didnt say shit back cos i was soo tired and i just had a fun night. so true how everytime i go out i get shit when i go home. fucking relax man. fuck even my mum is gunna let me stay at city on my own formal till 12 - 12.30 .

YAY ! its formal season baby ! ^^

only names i can remember from this photo (besides david & richard) is brandon/brendan (i dont know LMAO), steven & i think its michelle :S i have no idea haha


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