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sexty1 | stuck in the middle

well a lot has been happening and half of the time i wish i was seriously deaf so i wouldnt hear anything. i dont wanna think about the guys at all. so the plan right now is avoid .. avoid & avoiddd . sometimes its better off not to say anything at all people ! the only thing that im really looking forward to and which i am focusing on is, yes, CHRISTMAS =D . three things which im keeping in mind and always on the good side : my girls, my teeth & my money . strange combination i know hahaha . i really want a new dress for NYE !

well i took my top braces off :D hehehehe im so happy one more month then i'll have no braces at all ! but im still gunna have to wear plates T__T i keep licking my teeth LOL like non stop.

anyway formal was suuuuch a blast :) most of the details and what happened is on vanessa's blog. i didnt take that many photos, i just wanted to cherish the moment and make the most out of the night. i danced a lot of felicia and sokeyta. i danced a bit with vanessa but she was with lawerance most of the night haha. the food was not that good, and i cant believe i paid 2 bucks for the cake and yet they didnt even serve it out they let it at the front. my entree was like ............ no words for it. the main was alright .. better than sefton's steak . the dessert was like orgasmic . seriously one of the best desserts i've ever had D:

FORMAL 31209 <3

one of the best nights of my life ! love u guys !

And it gets so hard sometimes to know just what to do, stuck in the middle with you

- Jay Sean Ft. Craig David


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