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dont you just hate it when your rents dont give u enough privacy ? my parents are fucking crazy, no jokes, my dad checks up on my sites and spies on my fucking msn convos ? like wtf ? i know right.

& dont you hate it when your rents think dating = sex ? and all boys want to have sex when they say i love you or whatever ? i feel like kicking my mum in the face. no seriously, they full make me sound like a slut man and im like wtf ? i dont even have a bf in the first place to start off with. so actually you know my mum thinks any BOY friend = sex = pregnant THEN they will leave you and then may i quote “you’re screwed looking after your kid”

& do you ever have rents who “warn” you whenever you’re going out to eat or whatever, to “watch out people might spike your food & drinks, so don’t share with anyone” or “they’ll drug you, kidnap you, rape you then murder you”

& what the fuck is with parents joining facebook ? thats out of this world crazy and i’ve been thinking, yeah maybe just maybe our parents try to scare us, give us the biggest stupidest lectures out and give us the “best” discipline but in the end they take out the fun of everything,

cos when did holding hands mean getting pregnant ? no really, cos i was walking around canley (tipsy) with rocky and we were holding hands and i dont know who, but a family friend saw and told on me and now my rents think im having sex and warning me bout getting pregnant and they are comparing me to the dumbest sluttiest bitches who have kids, well obviously im fucking smart, SO CHILLAX STOP BEING SO OTT, killing my holidays.

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