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Sydney, Australia

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yay im gunna go see a friend today and have coffee (H) after that we're gunna ... yeah i have no idea cos we both only have $10 so yee, we're screwed

& my sister, that bitch keeps telling me off for phoning, cos i "talk too loud" geez stfu its not like im talking right next to ur ear, im a hallway and a room away from u, relax !

mann for the past 4 days i didnt do anything and i needa get my wallet back, well i dont need to its just i told vanessa to bring it on thursday but i couldnt come on thursday to maccas cos i was like reallly late to go to a friend's house & gg how my rents busted me for drinking but fark my dad is getting on my nerves real bad, that asshole !


"TIME FOR A FKN COFFEE" was posted On: 1/18/10, 1:23 AM | 0 ‚òÅ

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