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Sydney, Australia

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omg yesterday was kind of boring but it wasnt like "OH GOD KILL ME IM SO BORED" it was a iuno .. a relaxing content kind of bored ? haha

i was hanging out with peter the whole day omfg journey that day - i went cabra to drink coffee and i thought i was gunna go iceskating so i borrowed 10 bucks off sarina ><> but peter didnt have enough money so like we went livo anyway ? we fucking went in, went to the food court then left, like literally we didnt stay at westfields for more than 10 mins, we went back to cabra to get sushi and then at train station fuckk that was a piss off but it didnt get to me cos i couldnt even care less, we went villa to go amf and then maccas to see vanessa :) i didnt really need my wallet ? but i asked anyway LOL well we went back to cabra at 6 walked around and stayed there for another 2 hours fuck T_T

well tmrw im gunna go parra to watch a movie, hopefully i'll have enough money if not allan is gunna pay for me .. omfg im gunna be in debt like seriously


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