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i have to wait a couple more days to wait for the transaction to cancel and then re-order it again because there was some bullshit problem with and i was really looking forward to getting my naked palette next week :/ oh well it's better to wait a couple more days than to pay an extra 15/20 bucks

so all i need to get now is :

i can't wait to get my first pay check.

work is actually pretty tiring and half of the time i feel like im just cleaning and doing .. useless crap that i hate. it's okay in the kitchen but the front counter is a little hard cos i'm just starting to get used to it. and the more i work on the weekends the more i hate it because it's all birthdays and more people come in and it's just crazy !

i like working on mondays and tuesdays .. maybe a little on friday but i dont have time to do anything else if i keep working 5 days a week! ahhh

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