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Okay I got back yesterday and I am hella tired.

I am horribly, horribly depressed about my parents separating and the whole drama with my bestfriends. I just can't stand people arguing, especially those who I care about the most. Like what am I supposed to do ? I can't defend one or the other or else they would get upset at me for not agreeing with them and understanding their point.

Sticking up for people just always gets you into trouble and I have learnt that since I got beat up in year 1 because I stuck up for my bestfriend. And I mean I'm sorry if I don't defend you, but I'm just trying to be agreeable to both of you's.

And what else sucks is that I have to come back to this when you know I didn't want this right when I come back.

Ughhh my aunty just had to use my mum to get food and other shit which I had to carry around -___-.

I have to go to TAFE to get my timetable and other crap, go get my license and go find a fkn job FFS.

On the plus side I ended up getting:

I think knitting is a little theraputic for me atm and if I dont have any plans I might go for a run tomorrow. I'm too depressed to leave my bed.

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