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is it just me ?

or is how i met your mother vaguely similiar .. to that 70's show

- lily and marshall + donna and eric - (high school/college sweethearts) they will always be together, they belong together no matter what
- robin and jackie are both really hot, they've dated 2 of their friends, they all still remain friends after they break up
- lily and fez's signature 'son of a bitch'
- their use of marijuana and never saying they're doing it i.e (in himym it's eating a sandwich and in that 70's show it's the 360 and once referred to as 'film''
- michael kelso and barney - both womanizers
- the actors omg .. there are so many actresses that have been in both shows, i cant list all but - donna, lily, lily's dad
- donna and ted got left at the alter

both shows make fun of canada

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