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Now I started roughly a month or two before my formal and the last time i weighed myself before I started losing weight I was 48.5 kgs. I have since lost 5 kilos, now it isn't a lot but it was quite a nice change.

I was planning to lose more but my boobs have shrunk (AHH!) and I researched a lot about weight loss beforehand and during my journey. I have learnt that changing your diet is THE MOST important step you can make but of course exercising helps a lot as well.

I cut a lot of carbs and fat out of my diet. Here's what I changed:

What I usually ate per day:
  • 1 - 2 salads with a low fat dressing and a source of protein (a small portion of either tuna or poached chicken breasts)
  • 2 serves of vegetables (mostly carrot and dip (hummus) 
  • 3 cups of tea - 2 green tea + 1 black tea with a bit of chocolate or 2 biscuits
  • 2 serves of fruit (usually a banana for the fibre)
  • a snack - either 2 slices of crispbread or toast with vegemite or dried fruit
My exercise routine:
  • 30 minute walk after dinner
  • 30 - 45 minute cardio workout including sit ups, dips, 100 starjumps, 50 push ups and 50 squats
  • an occasional 20-30 minute run in the park

I stopped exercising after my hsc (i was too lazy!) and I absolutely killed my diet when I went overseas but I'm trying to get back on track (even though I haven't even gained any weight after all that rice and fried crap)

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