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Sydney, Australia

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well .. it was alright, not the total best since it was missing some people

1. went online and listened to musix while getting ready
2. waited for my dad to drive me :@
3. legged it like crazzzy ! missed the train and in the end was vedy thirsty :(
4. went city, got starbucks and went priceline, took luvos with felicia and drowned myself in perfume
5. saw the others and we all went timezone LOL
6. felicia was playing tekken while others we're playing mt and other shit
7. we headed off to pyrmont point park at 4
8. lost track of time cos i cbs checking my phone
9. took photos and said hellos, it was incredibly cold T_T
10. the party finally started and everyone was eating and drinking
11. stained my dress with fkn juice from the meat patties :@
12. went to the bay area with thomas for a bit and got pretty wet
13. went back and dried up a little
14. went back again, this time with felicia, tai, michael & steven
15. got even more wet than the last time around
16. paniced about mine & felicia's valuables and finally realised what the time was
17. headed home around 9.10 - 9.15, got to townhall at 9.54, missed the train by 3 fucking mins T__T such bad timing i swear & my feet were fucking killing me
18. went maccas and got a happy meal, went on train had a nice d&m talk with felicia about family/life, she got teary (well she cried in my eyes LMAO)
19. went back to felicia's house at 11.25 and we settled and rested, we talked on the phone, i conked out & i had to sleep over cos my dad wouldnt let me go home that dickhead
20. woke up, made brekkie for both of us & played xbox 360 and went home at 4

my hardrive was taken out and my fan is missing in my tower and i have to use to fan from my shower to cool the fucking shit down

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