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Sydney, Australia

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i feel way to stressed . whats on my mind ?

- finding a workplacement at cabra which will accept
- my comp T__T
- bio, chem & english half yearlies
- when to buy felicia & vanessa's birthday pressies
- money to get : black, brown & liquid eyeliner & a new mascara, new heels which i saw at Direct Shoe Warehouse, DKNY Apple Blossom & adidas jacket
- when to go get my own birthday present
- saving up money
- my fucking birthday, my birthday plans and other people's birthday plans and shit which is in the way .. *sigh what can i do .. T_T

& my sister finally fucking said sorry becuase my mum had to remind her to say sorry to me, she didnt even fkn back herself up after "i'm sorry" and when i brushed her off, yet she argued with me like a fkn bitch.

she only said sorry for the sake of saying it, if she fkn meant it she would've said it earlier, better yet not do it at all, she's like my fkn father and i hope she gets fucking smashed one day.

you think you're a better sister than i am ? are you kidding me ? i dont think so motherfucker.

& today my computer crashing was enough of a piss off then a sped talked to me and asked me questions which didnt even make sense and gave me answers to the wrong questions .. so fustrating i just want to get away !

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