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today i didnt have any tests so felicia & i went to cabra at 1 to go find a place . we were aiming for either travel agencies, real estate or banking

we were rejected so many times, i think my self esteem went down by like the 230984203 'no' we got LOL

we got impatient so felicia wanted to try an optometrist and the guy was like oh i know a place who could do with some assistance so we headed off to the place and we got accepted ! woot ! omfg so happy when we got there but then we had to wait like 45 mins fuccck ! so long and pointless, we left to go jup and we were there for like 20 mins i thnk ? then we headed back to the lawfirm thingy and we came back with our forms all signed and we did argileh omfg so yummm ! LOL we played cards and umm got back at 5 which was good !

i got this mad ring with a watch on it for 5 bucks ! like zomg its so awesome LOL ive always wanted it when i saw my cuz had it but she got it for 10 hehe sucker.

well i have a temporary tower and hopefully my harddrive is alright D: hopefully my shit isnt lost . and my dad gave me 100 today like wooow im pretty happy and shit, i got my monitor back and pretty soon imma get a new table so things are finally going uphill !

workplacement done ! family is getting better ! YAYER !

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