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like who doesnt ? I HATE SCHOOL .

retail : its okay a bit lonely but i can cope by myself ; lebs are annoying & i dont wanna act out on how to operate a cash register

business services : good with felicia but the lebs are annoying and the class isnt fun

chem : i dont get one thing in chem esp. radicals and elements and shit like that

bio : its alright :) could be better with the actual teacher there

ancient history : really good, very interesting !


anyways these past few days at school have been normal & quite fun :) felicia came over today for a bit like 30 mins then i went out to cheso to the bank but fuck just as i walk in the auto door didnt open and im like wtf ? so i step back and try stepping in and i see people in it and im like FUCK ITS CLOSED T__T

i was even holding my fucking cup of money too ffs ! i got sushi, meant to be for tmrw but i ate it anyway, there's a high chance of me going to the swimming carnival but then i keep having doubts but then i kinda wanna go then i dont, very very undecisive.

and my cousin has been seeing me very often these days which is very annoying cos she in general is very annoying.

im gunna try my hardest to save up all year ! *fighting* gunna be very tight until i get my youth allowance :D HEHEHE


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