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Girls have the boobs. Personally I think boobs are annoying, you gotta spend a bunch of money on bras and if you’re too small your clothes won’t look good, but if you’re too big you can’t find shirts that fit. An extra couple lbs on your chest n shit, man. WTF.

Guys have dicks. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE OR TWO OMG. You can pee anywhere the fuck you want, whip it out baby and just whizzzz. And you can have sex like crazy and no one would call you a whore. DICKSFTW.

Girls have vaginas. OMG, I can’t walk into a fucking dark alley scared for my life without thinking someones gonna tear me apart! BECAUSE I HAVE A VAGINA. I HATE HAVING A VAG, MAN. IT’S LIKE OPEN TERRITORY THAT’S ALWAYS IN DANGER OF RAPE.

Girls have a lot more body fat. Seriously man, it’s so hard to be in shape if you aren’t born to be skinny. Girls will always have more body fat and will always have a harder time losing weight. AND WE PRACTICALLY COMPETE WITH EACHOTHER TO LOOK GOOD.

Guys almost always have flat abs. I swear, for a dude it’s so easy to get buff. They could eat like crazy AND THEY DO. WTSHIT YOU LUCKYASSSSESSS.

Girls wear makeup. Okay I hate that makeup was ever invented for girls but since it’s available basically you’re open to the opportunity to make yourself look and FEEL better! SO THAT’S WHY WE USE IT!!! If it was never invented then we would all have lower standards and no one could compare and there would be such a thing as natural beauty! BUT THERE ISN’T. THERE FUCKING ISN’T. Artificial beauty is the way society makes it. Society forces a larger standard because of makeup. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT.

Guys don’t have makeup to wear. Unless they like eyeliner but they always look hot with it!!! WHY DO GUYS LOOK BETTER WITH EYELINER THAN I DO?? WHY WHY WHY. And since they never wore makeup to begin it, they don’t have a huge fucking scale of standards to follow. They aren’t going to be ‘ugly’ or ‘pretty’ it would all just be natural. AND GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

Girls HAVE to go shopping. I mean we just got to. WE DO. It’s in our female dna. There’s so much clothes and styles for us and there’s a bunch to choose from and omfg you just can’t. It’s in your fucking face, all the clothes and accessories. Definitely a necessity and you can’t avoid it. We go broke for style.

Guys could rock tshirts and shorts. ALL. THE. TIME. And it’s perfectly fine! You don’t even have to care man cause I personally think that’s ALL a guy needs to look good! THAT’S IT! They don’t need to do this and that and do their hair like this n that or this n that or this n that! They could throw on anything and call it a day and it’s NORMAL.

Girls have to shave. Every. Little. THING. Shave out legs, below the knee and above the knee. And girls should never have armpit hair so if you have it, SHAVE. And hairy arms on girls are just gross. SHAVE. Hairy vags? SHAVE. SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE. JUST SHAVE IT ALL!!!!!

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