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what a long fucking weekend it was !

from start to finish ....

1. cleaned my room a bit then walked to felicia's house
2. we both got ready together, did make-up & straightened out hair
3. she opened my present and i sprayed it on her
4. we went station where we headed to cabra
5. when we arrived we saw jeremy then we called people up
6. davurt went missing ... -_-
7. we saw jager & we made a rushed decision to get on the train
8. someone was obviously not in the mood and killed our mood ...
9. got off at townhall and finally met up with everyone and we ate a bit of maccas cos it was taking too long to meet up with everyone
10. we all made our decisions and we ate at mamas kitchen
11. someone's mood fkn made me rage almost rq
12. took photos and had a good time at dinner :)
13. we left and we took our goddamn ass time to think and organise alki/k
14. boyz were about to go to pool . a few left and then we went k
15. we were meant to go to show but .. yaaaah so we went pheonix instead
16. problems were arising with the alki
17. when the boyz came up & thomas and allll the cabra family people whatever came up, the issue of the money and people who did/didnt chip in was doing all our heads in
18. thomas and all that left
19. we went in for k omg highlight of k : when the boyz started acting like gaycunts LOL & 'black eyed peas - i gotta feeling'
20. left k & were outside k thinking of what to do, dillon & kpun were being gay together, kpun that drunk fuck was out of control LMAO
21. we went to dixons and stayed there for 15 mins
22. we left and went maccas
23. we ordered a family meal
24. helen was having trouble of saying 'ghana'
25. we left to go home
26. we saw the fucking justice crew, the chicks jizzed LOL & we took a photo with them
27. two fucking bogan chicks were on the train and they fucking peed two rows ahead of us. omfg i saw one of their asscracks, when they were running out to the train ... :(
28. we moved carriages and started talking and laughing =]
29. felicia left at yennora then jager left at ffld then me and davurt got off at cabra
30. i almost rq in the fuking car at my sister that fucking bitch
31. went home and watched the game omg .. fucking refs tsk tsk

that was saturday .. this is sunday !

1. cleaned my room even more
2. went to the park and waited for demi & davurt
3. arrived to the partaaye :)
4. ate and talked
5. dillon came !
6. ate and talked evn more LMAO
7. jager came
8. demi left
9. vanessa came
10. cut the cake & took photos :)
11. cleaned up and talekd
12. dillon and jager left
13. i left

yeah .. it was a funny and relaxing day LMAO

i cant believe i fuckin came home at 12 omg LOL and i didnt even get chopped but instead a long, heavy lecture about how i am at home cos im lazy

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