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Sydney, Australia

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so on saturday, i went parra with felicia, demi & davurt
heres how it went down LMAO

1. went to felicias house to drop off my mouse and leave my tee
2. went cheso, birrong, lidcome and finally arrived at parra at like 12 something
3. we all at maccas
4. first level of shopping .. disappointing
5. second level of shopping .. even more disappointing & it was only 3 and we still didnt get anything
6. third level .. was just about to give up
7. went back down, drowned ourselves in perfume
8. went back to the first level, finally got something at supre but i regretted it goddmanit LOL
9. went cotton on, taxed some flats and i bought a dress
10. last shop was dolly girl, felicia got her top
11. WE SHOPPED TIL WE COULDNT SHOP ANYMORE (literally too, the shops were waiting for us to get out so they can close)
12. heading back home, i beat the shit out davurt
13. back to cheso, went chinese store, went home

yeah thats about it LOL i have cred too wooot !
i really wanted to buy that henleys shirt instead of the damn dress i got from supre

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