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He compliments you. He asks you about your past relationships. You tell him you’ve been damaged so many times and in so many ways. You share a few stories with him and get into details. He carefully listens to what you have to say and tells you that all those guys are fools for letting a girl like you go. Him being the flirtatious person he is, he tells you that you don’t need them now that you have him. You can’t help it, so you decide to flirt back. You agreed to what he had to say. He then asked for your number and without hesitation you gave it to him right away.

Later that night you receive a phone call. You see his name pop up and you get the biggest smile on your face. You quickly picked up, said hello and he responds with a hey. After a bunch of flirting, laughs and giggles, he suddenly gets tired. You tell him to go to sleep, but he doesn’t want to. Instead, he wants you to fall asleep on the phone with him. You start to smile and agree to it. You two say goodnight to each other and quickly fall asleep.

The next morning you get a text from him. He tells you goodmorning and that he hopes you have a good day. Hours pass by and you can’t help but wonder if he’ll call tonight. And does he? He does. You guys go through the usual hey wassup, how are you, what’d you do today? You expect him to tell you that he misses you next, and does he? He does. Right away you tell him that you miss him too. Later throughout the conversation he slips up and calls you baby. You start cheesing and get these butterflies in your tummy. He then confesses to you that he has a crush on you and that he happens to be interested. You tell him that the feeling’s mutual and that you two are on the exact same page.

Talking to him starts to become part of your daily routine and you two are now considered to be ‘talking’. You tell your friends about him. How great of guy he is. How sweet he is to you. Practically making him sound like an amazing guy. Little did you know, he’s not so amazing

He’s not hitting you up anymore, and when he does, it’s because you hit him up first. Things changed and you can’t help but question where you two stand anymore. He’s not putting in effort, he’s not meeting you half way, he’s not showing that he wants you two to workout anymore… You start to become really clingy because you don’t wanna lose him. You start having negative thoughts and can’t help but wonder if there’s another girl in the picture. He tells you that you need to relax. That everything’s okay. That there’s no other girl and that he still wants you two to workout. He tells you that he’ll try more and that he’s just been busy. You patiently wait to see a change, but do you? No. He’s still acting the same, not trying, not putting in effort and meeting you halfway. Every conversation turns into an argument. You’re hurt and upset every single day and night because of him. You have no clue what went wrong and why he turned into the person he is now. You know that it’d be best for you to let go. Your friends tell you that he’s no good for you and that you should let him go, but do you listen? No. You’re too stuck on the person he used to be that you don’t even bother paying attention to the person he is now.

You ask him one last time what he thinks you guys should do. He tells you that he can’t do it anymore. That he just doesn’t feel the same. That he just wants to be single and have fun without anyone holding him back. That right there stabbed you right into your heart.

Not too long after, you see that he’s moved on. He has a new girl in his life. He has a new ‘baby’. He has someone new to text throughout the day and fall asleep on the phone with at night.

The guy that you thought was so amazing played you for a fool. Making it look like you were the ‘only one’ when you were really just another person in the line up. Why do you think it didn’t take him too long to move on? He had other options.

You’re hurt while he’s perfectly fine. You’re too sad to go out, and he’s out having fun. You lose sleep and cry ever single night while he falls asleep at ease. He’s forgotten about you, while you’re having a hard time letting go

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