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yay im finally 16 :$ today was a long day

i got a cake from my sister's friend .. LOL hehe

anywayz i got to leave school at 12.15 and we went cheso and wandered around, very bored, waited for davurt then we went to pizza hut and went to the seating area where i was getting tissue to wipe down the seats, i got wet in the process T_T everyone ate :D which was good . we went park afterwards and vanessa left :( then we went station then thomas and davurt left ! and then dillon and thomas came with me & felicia back to ehr place and yeah .. i told thomas to go home as a joke but that cunt had to take it seriously and go home == and he was being the biggest snob afterwards . we all stayed for an hour and a bit and i went cabra with peter and drank chai latte omfg that was the shit ! and i went back to felicia's straight after and yeah went home cos i had too --" . was an okay day, the weather brought my mood down when i was at cabra .

well im waiting for my mum to come home so i can light up my birthday cake and make wishes hehe

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