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anywayz here's how my weekend went down :

on saturday i went to parra with thomas and we went around so many fkn stores and after 3 hours and 18 mins i finally bought a dress :) we saw phi and julie at parra and we all had something to eat when westfields were closing, we were running out of things to do, so we all headed back and i went to cabra to change trains and get felicia a pearl milk tea BUT i lost my wallet and then blah blah i cbs explaining LOL but i went back to felicia's house and stayed for around an hour and i sooked and we laughed it was alright :D

i was very depressed that i lost my money and im still kinda sad about it :(

on sunday i didnt do anything until 4.30, i waited at the train station for 20 mins for jager, we ate a kebab, my kebab fkn fell out and it wsnt even nice >:( we hung around the park until he had to head back and i went movies with julie and i watched iron man 2 . oh . my . god . it was soo fucking good ! i couldnt even keep still LOL

and .. back to school ugh ! im so fucking lazy i was in holiday mode all last week + weekends . i got 3 of my half yearlies results back. Retail > 74% ; Bio > 46/60 ; Business > 55%

i passed so yeah thats all that matters LOL i wrote down the wrong fucking exp. in the bio test du ma ! anywayz since i came home ive been watching luanlegacy vids & tumblring and pumping up music and wearing my birthday dress :$

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