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Sydney, Australia

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  • custard
  • pho and other asian noodles
  • fish fingers
  • ginger
  • muscles, dried seafood, fried fish, octopus/squid etc
  • cooked oysters
  • reblogs on tumblr that explode off my screen
  • cooked organs (excpet ox tongue)
  • red wine, jack daniels, red smirnoff, jim bean
  • young disrespectful girls
  • guys & girls who act & talk like they're topshit
  • highlighting work with a highlighter that isnt blue
  • those little fucked up children in scary movies e.g. samara in the ring & the grudge kid
  • clowns & porcelain  dolls
  • savoury foods with fruits in it like wtf LOL e.g. a walnut & apple & celery salad
  • lipgloss (the texture, the taste, the look .. ew) & lipstick
  • pop music esp. jason derulo & iyaz
  • miley cyrus & demi lavoto & the whole disney crew .. hate em all
  • justin bieber
  • asian herbs e.g. vietnamese mint
  • reality shows e.g. big brother
  • asian karaoke
  • hot air/seats
  • sluts / trashy white people
  • raw tomato
  • hair that's split in the middle
  • asians who have eyeshadow all over there eyelids
seriously .. this list could go on for a million years !

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