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TET 2011


I went to my auntie's & grandma's house first for li xi but i didnt get much only 100$ cos only 3 relatives were there . afterwards i went to the showgrounds and omg ... i died when i went out of the car ! the rides were reaaaally fun LOL we bought 35 tickets and when we went on the ranger, i thought it was just like a giant swing, it wasnt THAT mindblowing but it was kind of fun . vanessa and felicia were screaming their heads off that was hilarious . i turned to felicia at one point and asked her 'isnt this mad ? how awesome' and shes just screaming LOLLLLL vanessa got sick afterwards so we chilled at the grandstand and took photos . we then went over to the wave swing or whatever and then went on the love express before going home .. omg that was pretty funny and the ride was so bumpy i thought my head was gunna fall off my neck ..

all in all it was an alright day ..

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