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i'll continue where i left off which was on tuesday !

wednesday - i allnightered to watch soccer
thursday - too tired to go out LOL
friday - went livo with felicia & helen then went to cabra for argileh and jager came
saturday - errrr stayed home ? i think i forgot LOL
sunday - went cabra .. then canely then cabra and then argileh and a bit of pool then went home !
monday - went out to cheso/felicia's house with vanessa
tuesday - went livo to watch karate kid with helen, felicia, jeremy & his bro . IT WAS SO EPIC LOL ! we then jumped into EVERY cinema room LOL we watched the ending of eclispe & get him to the greeks & then we watched the WHOLE of shrek 4 in 3D ! the effects were fucking mad !

& today .. wednesday taking a break of going out cos i went out late last night

upcoming plans -

thursday - might go latenight with mum
friday - might go out
saturday - visiting granny
sunday - iceskating with cuz
monday - going city

.. then school ... then prelims .. then camp

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