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Sydney, Australia

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sorry for hatin’ but i think long distance relationships epecially those that are like thousands of kms apart are a waste of time .

what happened to this world ? relying on techonology and being so materialised . you cannot base a relationship purely on phones + computers . he/she will never be there for you, they will only be there on your monitor or your phone . without reception, without net how the fuck are you meant to ‘love’ each other let alone communicate .

tell me, how the fuck can you feel their touch, fall in love with their smile or look into their eyes and tell them how you feel .

think about it, if it was really ‘meant to be’ they would be by your side, not (insert a ridculous number here) kms away ffs .

wake up & look beyond your monitor because the right person may be standing right in front of your eyes .

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