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Sydney, Australia

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it was a good night :)

well me and felicia got to cabra at 2 then went to red lea and then time gone and i played tekken 5. davurt came at 2.30 i think ? and davurt and felicia played pool for half an hour, we had to leave to the other side of cabra . we met up with jrmy and then we had to call up davurt to check on the deposit . we left to jrmy's house and we chilled for til 5.30 ? and then we arrived at like 6.10 ? fuckk .. it was fkn farmland everywhere :| anywayz the other guys didnt come til like maybe 2 hours later ? we got the drinks and we all started drinking . i cant believe i paid 30 bucks for 2 shots like omg ... rip .. T__T half the people went out the back and we all stayed inside . i did a couple of handstands and cartwheels cos i was bored and i took out my handcuffs and cuffed dillon, the drunk abo to the swing LOL anywayz we left around 10 and got back before 11 so yeahh .. twas good :)

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