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nicole's birthday

what happened :

1. got woken up by my mum and i forgot i had a dentist appointment
2. called felicia to warn her i might be late (but i wasnt)
3. went dentist waited for 40 mins, i was like fcuk this so i left to go station
4. went on train & met up with felicia
5. arrived at townhall
6. ate hungry jacks, icecream was yuck
7. went g-star tried on my shirt was thinking bout, got it anyway
8. went into worldsquare priceline to touch up my makeup and took luvos
9. went maccas saw ada and nicole
10. went show and waited inside just talking to thomas
11. went outside and saw everyone
12. went inside again to go k
13. went to change into my new shirt and took luvos
14. left k went maccas
15. left maccas went matrix
16. everyone was starting to have a good time
17. left and started to get shitty calls from my rents
18. went home and walked half way to my house then got picked up by julie
19. got lectured and shit
20. ate and then phoned for 2 hours, had a break and phoned again then slept

kevin that gronk kept on spamming my inbox with "if you dont reply to this message, you suck cocks" and knowing i didnt have cred to reply back, he did it a million times T_T

anyways im not sure how much a superdry tee was, i was getting excited for a onitsuka tiger tee but thats like 80 bucks so fuck that, i dont really mind henley shirts, im not sure if i should get a henleys shirt, maybe not lols cos i dont like the designs so im not sure what to get next to complete my goal of 2010

anywayz im out

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